A snapshot into Maya

If I have to pick a favourite day at the school, it will have to be first Friday we arrived. We held a picnic for the students by donating funds for the catering menu which comprised of chicken curry – bear in the mind that these children and villagers alike don’t get to eat meat very often. So it made me happy to have been able to provide, albeit short-term. I started my day by preparing the vegetables with my comrade, Natalie whilst the rest of the Imperial crew trekked to the next village to buy the poultry.

The children having their picnic

Nat and I went up to the hill behind the volunteer house to do some morning meditation and then screamed from the top of our lungs. I must admit it generated a lot of giggles. We then had the privilege of witnessing a sneak peak of drama practice for the afternoon’s performance. A fuzzy heartwarming feeling appeared in my stomach just watching the children laugh so earnestly while playing their parts. I felt lucky to have been able to see them grow from their very first performance.


Later, we helped Krishna Dai, our master chef in the kitchen with chopping tomatoes the students contributed to the picnic. Due to the unfortunate pour thanks to the temperamental Monsoon, we had to cut the day short after the play. I would never forget the hugs the children gave us as they left the school grounds that day. Although they did spoil us volunteers with uplifting hugs everyday, I felt that this particular occasion was a little bit more special. They are usually so mature with their manners but I felt that today was the day when we, together with Maya, could get further in empowering them to just simply be kids: prance around, giggle voraciously and play tricks on each other.



Maybe this is all just potato talk after a carb-filled diet, but hey, I guess you will have to find out for yourself at Maya, eh?




2nd Year Medic

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