Art and Design Lessons

After expressing an interest in teaching either Maths or Art, I found myself teaching Art/Design classes the next day as there was a demand for an Art teacher. The children hadn’t been taught Design previously so it was a perfect opportunity to start teaching the basics.



From years 2 to 5, we learnt how to communicate our ideas using our drawing tools; how to draw cubes and cylinders in perspective (one-point and two-point); as well as how to study shadows and animals for the little ones.


The enthusiasm of the students is striking, as they continuously show determination to learn more. There are, however, days when the children can be exhausted or impatient. There are also incidents when students can’t make the journey to school, adding to the challenge of communication in Art and Design lessons.

Luckily in the last few days I have had great support from Adi, Sanghoon, Grace and Manish in the lessons (thank you!). Maya Universe and the students here have great potential and it is very rewarding to see some of students enjoy Design and progressing each day.


“Straight lines! Straight lines!”


Kristof Van Der Fluit

Training Officer

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