Construction: Rock Breaking

There are currently two ongoing building projects here at Maya. The first is for a set of new toilets and the second for new goat house. We have decided to help start the new goat house where our help is more urgently needed as the toilets are already almost finished.

The daily schedule of the construction team begins at 10 am. We work for two hours and have a lunch break at noon. The work continues until 4 pm. Some members who have teaching roles join us in the jungle when they have free time. Having more people there makes the job so much easier as it is very labour-intensive. At the end of each day, the whole team is completely drained.


Our team has been working on breaking rocks for the foundation of the goat house. The job requires us to dig rocks from the face of a hill. Once the rocks are dug up, we have to break them up into smaller rocks with a sledge hammer. Luckily, the trees on the hill provide us with some shade and so the job is not as hard as planting mango trees in the burning sun.

We continued to break rocks for a week and there are still not enough rocks for the foundation. Sometimes the task seems endless and there are moments when we lack motivation.


I have tried different jobs in the school such as teaching, agriculture and cooking. Among these my favourite is rock breaking because it is the only job where we can work as a team together. This factor makes the task much more enjoyable.

Due to limited time and labour, we won’t be able to see the completed goat house, though it is rewarding to be a part of the project. I hope we will be able to return to see the new goat house next year.


Sanghoon Lee

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