Agriculture: Mango trees

The agricultural team have been planting some mango trees on the school grounds. There are 30 mango trees to plant and so far we have completed the first batch of 14.

The job requires us to dig deep holes in the baking hot sun using pick axes and hoes (of the agricultural kind and not of the Urban Dictionary kind). Since the land is a jungle, we have suffered several grass cuts, insect bites and stings. There are no paths off the main school grounds so there have been several minor slips and trips down the hill slopes.

The work is extremely exhausing due to it’s obvious labour-intensive nature. The heat exacerbates the work conditions and we truly respect and are humbled by the local volunteers who do this work daily.

Woojin digging a hole to plant a mango tree, under the supervision of Jedan, the leading construction worker.

Our progress, however, is rewarding and we are now protecting our precious trees with chicken wire fences. This requires finding and cutting down trees to sharpen into small wooden spears to drive into the ground. These act as the frame for the wiring around the trees. We have been told that the trees will take around 7 years to bear fruit. We will have to return then (old, wrinkly and with children) to enjoy the fruit of our labour!


Grace Kim

Publicity Officer and Social Secretary

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