How to Fight a Cough


I was very lucky not to suffer from any traveler’s sickness or diarrhoea during hiking and my first week at Maya, but the coughing bug at the school still got to me. As innocuous as this sounds, being bed bound due to a mild illness can set back the team and scheduled activities when you hold your own responsibilities.

The reason I got sick was that I inhaled too much smoke one night at dinner kitchen duty at a time when my immune system was weakened (which happens during your period – so be careful girls).
To get rid of fevers, my approach was to sweat a lot by turning fans off and wearing one more layer of clothes, alongside appropriate medication. Coughs and runny nose, on the other hand, requires more water, alongside medication. It is also best to avoid spicy and deep fried food , and have a LOT of rest.
Sweating, coughs and runny nose all excrete fluids. Therefore for the body to stay hydrated, it is important to drink more water, at least 2 litres. I found honey water to be incredibly soothing and helpful, so much so that I finished a whole jar in a week.

And there you have it – how to fight a cough in rural Nepal.


Hayley Kwan

Technology Officer


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