A Word From the President

Hi, my name is Woojin Chae and I am the current president of Project Nepal.

I joined the society in 2014 during my fresher year. The reason I felt compelled to join was partly to do with the excitement of visiting such an exotic country, but also to offer a helping hand to those involved in the project at Maya Universe Academy. We were given the opportunity to provide school buildings and education.

Education is a fundamental human right and yet it is extremely limited in Nepal. Knowledge is power and with power so much potential can be unlocked. As a society, we have 3 clear aims:

  1. To contribute to building a healthier educational system in Nepal
  2. To specifically strengthen our partnering local school, Maya Universe Academy
  3. To shape our society members as committed volunteers and together celebrate our achievements

During this past year I have seen so many opportunities and ways to improve and help our partners in Nepal. I will soon be passing on the baton to the new presidents Daniel Chan and Johannes Pausch. I hope they can continue the project and also develop it in the vision of the previous presidents to make this a flourishing project both at Imperial College London but also in Nepal.

Our first batch of volunteers will be flying out this weekend to be joined by the rest of the team on the 1st of August. Keep up to date with our stories from travelling and also with our work at Maya Universe Academy on this blog.


Woojin Chae

President of Project Nepal


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